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Test. Rotational molding - one of the most simple and widespread on the West method of processing of plastic, unique of known in the world a method of processing of the polyethylene, allowing to make a product completely conterminous under the mold with the sketch of the customer. In our country this branch just starts to develop.

As against other ways of processing of polymers, as a result of rotational molding the product going out of mold without seams, with equal thickness of walls and a plenty of a material in corners where the product needs the greatest durability. As the material is not exposed to pressure by manufacture as, for example, in the pressing, the rotomolded product is stronger. The method allows to produce products of absolutely any geometrical mold with any amount of apertures and mortgage elements (including metal), with double walls. Manufacturing polymeric details in volume from 100 ml up to 60 thousand liters, whereas more habitual way of extrusion-blown molding allows to make a product no more than 1-1,5 thousand liters is possible. One more advantage of technology of rotational molding are short terms of preparation of a product to a batch production (all some days usually are required).

For manufacture of our products the most qualitative domestic and import polythene is used only. Due to this all our production matching high consumer wants.

  • our products UV stabile, i.e. not crack at storage on the sun;
  • are not subject: corrosion, influence of heat, a frost, excited environments;
  • are a fine substitute of metal - cost in 2-5 times below cost of analogues from stainless steel;
  • Product's colorfastness, i. e. not burn out on the sun;
  • are easily cleared of a dirty, do not demand repair and painting;
  • all products are harmless, i.e. suitable for secondary processing.
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